50 years ago, I started selling Maguro by myself with just one truck. It was a pleasure to receive the enthusiastic cries of “delicious!” from our customers. It stirred me to make them even happier. At that time in Misaki, deep-sea fishing vessels entered the port every day. Peddlers came and went. About 1,000 Maguro were lined in the fish market every day. Later, brokers who heard the good reputation of Misaki Maguro started gathering in Misaki, and I changed my mind to become a wholesaler.

As a wholesale business, I enjoyed the interaction with customers and the chance to get to know them in a more natural environment. As I was introduced to more people, my business grew. It’s been my pleasure to get to meet so many good people.

Wild caught fish is different in size, even if it is caught by the same vessels, in the same season, and in the same fishing ground. The quality is different for each one.

In the case of Misaki, we judge a slice from a Maguro tail, and bid for Maguro through an auction system. How we can bid to assess Maguro worth buying in the fish market? Even the best brokers lose in auctions in some cases, however, some also can find more value unexpectedly.

We want to continue to challenge all of our employees to find out what customers want, and to offer more value to them resulting in customer satisfaction.

Maguro is now a common word around the world. This is a part of Japanese food culture.

It must be one of great missions to contribute to promoting the “Nippon brand” and disseminating it throughout Japan, with a bigger perspective.




今や"まぐろ"は世界共通語になっています。"マグロ イコール ニッポン"


From my childhood, my mother sold Maguro in a shop in front of our house. In those days, tourists in and around Jogashima continually came and went, and I remember that it was always crowded with people. My father was never home. When it was lunch time, in a corner of my memory, I remember the employees gathered at our home and we shared lunch together. My childhood dream was to be a baseball player. I had no particular dreams when I was a student. I just wanted to go abroad.

And now, I am flying around the world selling Maguro. I have always like to challenge myself with new things since I joined the company. For example, I opened our own supermarket (directly operated retail store); actively attend overseas exhibitions; export overseas; and have expanded to directly operating a restaurant in Singapore.

My mission is to help people understand how delicious Maguro is.

Maguro migrates the Pacific Rim, or the ocean around the world.

We all share the same ocean. I would like to enjoy Maguro which is our common property for everyone in the world. Nowadays, the culture of eating SASHIMI is spreading around the world. Japan must be the leader provide quality control and a distribution system from catch to deliver for the fish to be SASHIMI quality.

In order to pass on to the next generation a life style of healthy eating with good fish, facing the question “What is sustainable fishery?”. Since Japan is a country that has a deep culture of eating fish, we need to be able to explain our way of understanding sustainable fishery to the rest of the world. I would be happy if the next generation of children would be interested in becoming Maguro Donya.



入社してから常に新しいことにチャレンジしてきた。例えば、自社スーパー(直営小売店)の開業、積極的な海外での展示会出展、海外輸出営業、シンガポールでは直営飲食店の海外進出。 全ては、“旨いまぐろ”を知ってもらうために。