Conservation of fishing resources

We purchase only Maguro (tuna) that are allocated in the catch quota and are well managed. We do not deal with Maguro“less than 10kg of bluefin tuna” and ones caught by“round haul vessels”. We consider this is one of the reasons decreasing fisheries resources.

Sustainable food cycle

We use the waste from the Maguro to make organic fertilizer, and pass it on to local farmers for their crops. Our desire is to use the entire fish and not waste the gift from the ocean.

Energy resources

We try to offset even the enormous energy consumption required for a super freezer warehouse. We set up a solar power generation system on the top of the office after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.Sifted to supply of renewable energy of the second processing plant and super freezer warehouse in 2020.

We set our goal to achieve RE100 as corporate responsibilities.


We offer lectures on food education for elementary school students who come to the warehouse for field trips. We also employ a local younger generation, and overseas trainees as well, and provide human resources for them.