Located on the tip of the Miura peninsula, in southwest of Kanagawa Prefecture, Misaki Fishing Port is well known as a platform where frozen Maguro (tuna), caught by deep-sea fishing vessels, is traded alongside live and fresh fish caught by coastal vessels. It is a well-positioned natural habor as Jogashima, an island facing it to the south, forms a natural breakwater.

Deep-sea fishing vessels depart for the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans from Misaki, and come back to the port a few months later after fishing. Over one hundred Maguro wholesalers, including large and small ones, support Misakis fishing industry and have built a system that enable us to deliver high-quality Maguro to consumers throughout Japan.

"Super-frozen Maguro" has been rapidly frozen to the ultra-low temperature of -60℃ immediately after being caught in order to maintain the fresh, high quality, and is stored in a super freezer warehouse to keep freshness.

In the Misaki market, a lot of professional brokers are enrolled; high quality Maguro is selected by bidding through an auction system; cutting is done according to need by advanced processing technology. In recent years, brokers go abroad to purchase Maguro, there are also demands for farmed Maguro which is tastefully appealing to people in many countries around the world. We have defined if as "Misaki MAGURO". In addition, in the spring of 2018, a new market called "Misaki Wholesale Seafood Market, Miura City" was established. The market has thoroughly advanced hygiene management. Its purpose is to help build up the "Misaki Maguro" brand.